Helping companies build leaders.

Helping leaders build teams.


Who We Are

Dan Smith is an advisor and coach to CEOs and other Senior Leaders who want to maximize the growth of their businesses but are struggling to connect the “what” they want to get done with broader execution of “how” to get it done.

As a senior executive who has led Human Resources as a Chief Human Resources Officer, and Strategy and Growth as a Chief Growth Officer, he is uniquely positioned to share his insight from his decades of experience.

Dan Smith

Why “Full Sweep”?

The words “Full Sweep’ can be defined in many ways, but the most common include: Across the board…to move forward quickly…to win every contest…and to win all hands.

We have interpreted these traditional definitions to mean: Working across the C-Suite…moving forward by making people better…and winning in the marketplace.


What We Do

We are the missing link between having a great strategy and executing it. We help you fill these gaps. Our focus areas include:

• Aligning leadership teams around the strategy

• Building capability around the key strategic choices

• Coaching and Developing individuals and teams to operate more effectively

• Succession planning and successor development

• Merger integration around talent assessment and selection

Business Strategy  >>  Full Sweep Expertise  <<  Top-Tier Results

Connecting Strategy to Execution



Mike Thaman

“Dan quickly developed a great sense of the business and was very effective in leading the senior team in the deployment of tools to build the organization. I couldn’t imagine working with a better partner.”

Mike Thaman

Former Chair and CEO
Owens Corning

Ed Lonergan

“Dan built ‘best in class’ recruitment, development and retention processes at Owens Corning that were fundamental to the performance of the company.  His success is grounded in a deep appreciation for business fundamentals and mastery of strategic choice-making, as well as a keen eye for talent.  His coaching capability and broad business skillset will benefit any business in which he serves.”

Ed Lonergan

Executive Chairman
Zep Inc.

Suzanne Nimocks

“Dan is a gifted coach and trusted advisor.  He is particularly gifted at assessing talent, architecting development plans, orchestrating succession planning, and implementing transition plans. He has designed and led many flawless transitions at the executive team and CEO level.”

Suzanne Nimocks

Lead Independent Director
Owens Corning

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